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What Is Fiber Optic Internet?

Fiber Optic Internet is the transfer of data through a cable filled with thin glass or plastic fibers. Data travels from one end to the other as beams of light pulse in a specific pattern, which inspired the phrase, “Fiber Internet is as fast as the speed of light!”

Megabits per second (Mbps) is the measure of bandwidth, or data transfer speed. One megabit is equal to one million bits. This can be easily confused with megabytes (MB) which refers to the size of a file or storage space.

How Fiber Optic Internet Works

Fiber Optic Internet speeds are about 20 times faster than regular cable, and is the only internet type that provides equally fast upload and download speeds. Cable Internet sends data through metal wires which tend to heat up, weakening the signal and picking up interference. As a result, customers lose broadband speed or capacity during peak usage times. With fiber optic internet, your home has a dedicated internet signal with symmetrical upload/download speeds.



Download activities that work best with fiber optic internet:

  • Streaming video in 4K
  • Downloading large files
  • Operating multiple smart-home devices
  • Shared Wi-Fi with a large amount of users



Upload activities that work best with fiber optic internet:

  • Attending video call meetings
  • Uploading large files to cloud servers
  • Hosting live streams

Additional Information

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At Data Stream, our internet solutions are designed to support you. Hear what our customers have to say about our reliable and affordable internet solutions.

The service from Data Stream has proven to be exceptional in continuity and internet speeds are as promised. Speeds not only meet, but generally exceed what was promised! Reliability has exceeded every expectation. Data Stream even provides advance notice when they upgrade their equipment and they do it in the wee hours of the morning minimizing any interruption.

In both my business and personal usage, having experiences with multiple national companies, Data Stream by far exceeds what any other provider has been able to deliver.

Bill B., Resident

Bill B.


As a new manager in Minnesota, I have found that Data Stream is possibly one of the easiest service companies for our residents and the office staff. Great customer service, excellent services and always enjoyable to communicate with.

Josue V, Community Manager

Josue V

Community Manager

A couple of years ago, Data Stream took over the internet and TV services in my building, and the experience has been amazing ever since. The internet is fast and reliable, and it's so nice not to have to call the TV provider when I have an issue with my service. It's refreshing to be able to work with a company where you can actually talk to a person without going through a bunch of automated messages and waiting on hold for hours. I'm so glad my building switched to Data Stream!!

Chloe S., Condo Owner

Chloe S.

Condo Owner

We have had Data Stream managing our internet and cable for 5 plus years. I have to say Data Stream stands far above the rest of any competitors. It starts with the customer support. Customer Service Reps are pleasant , informative and are eager to get any issues resolved in a timely manner. The Techs that come out are super friendly , knowledgeable and do a great job of testing everything before they leave to assure the issue is indeed fixed properly. I highly recommend Data Stream and would give them 10 stars for service and customer service.

Sandy R, Building Manager

Sandy R

Building Manager

We signed with Data Stream 3 years ago at The Groveland. We are a 7 story condo in Minneapolis. It was literally the best move we could have made. Not only is the quality of the internet amazing, the personal service we get from the staff at Data Stream is excellent. Any time one of my residents has an issue or question that I cannot answer, I give them the phone number at Data Stream and the wonderful team promptly answers their questions in a kind professional way. I cannot say enough about the Data Stream team. I have recommended this company to other condo associations and will continue to do so.

Nancy P., Community Association Manager

Nancy P.

Community Association Manager