Terms and Conditions

Data Stream is an independent network service provider and to ensure that all customers have an enjoyable experience, we must have policies in place for the use of our network. By subscribing to our services, you (the subscriber ) agree to comply with our acceptable use and privacy policy, along with our customer service agreement.

Violation of the privacy and acceptable use policies may result in suspension, termination, or restriction of your access to the services and/or account(s) with us. You acknowledge and agree that in no event shall Data Stream have any liability whatsoever for damages, suffered by you or by any third party, to the extent such damages are directly or indirectly caused by Data Stream’s enforcement of our acceptable use and privacy policies, including the termination, restriction, suspension, or interruption of your account without advance notice.

Subscriber Payment Terms and Conditions

  • Subscriber assumes all liability for monthly service charges related to product and services provided by Data Stream. Payments must be made in full by the due date monthly. If full payment is not received within 30 days of the due date Data Stream reserves the right to disconnect services without notice.
  • Pricing Changes. Data Stream reserves the rights to revise the prices associated with all services and products offered.
  • Non-sufficient funds (NSF). A charge will be applied to for all NSF checks and ACH payments returned. Data Stream reserves the right to require a security payment equal to, or greater than one month’s subscription in order to continue services.
  • Installation and Reconnect Fee. A one-time installation charge may be assessed for the activation of services. The installation fee is associated with services performed by the service technician and is non-refundable. Service fees may also be charged for the reconnect of delinquent accounts for this same reasoning, in the event that the subscriber is disconnected due to payment history, or in the event of voluntary termination of services.
  • Late Fee. Subscriber shall be charged for each month that the account is delinquent for at least fifteen (15) days past due. Subscriber is solely responsible for all collection cost and expenses incurred if the account goes into collections.
  • Billing Disputes. All billing issues, or disputes must be reported to Data Stream within 60 days of receipt. Data Stream reserves the right to determine your bill as final for any issues not reported within the allotted time frame. Please contact Data Stream billing department at 1-888-719-2464, or apar@dtestream.com for billing questions, or disputes.
  • Disconnection or relocation of Services. All subscribers must call 1-888-719-2464 in order to disconnect services, or in the event that they are moving to another Data Stream Community. A fourteen (14) day advanced notice is required to continue services for all service relocations.

Bulk Customer Service Agreement

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